At-Home Infusion Therapy Service   (Company's name has been changed)

Responsible for...
UX | Wireframes | Information Architecture | Site maps | User Flows | Journey Maps | Competitive Analysis

(add)ventures is a strategic digital branding and communications firm that works with Fortune 100 companies, top universities, national non-profits and government agencies.

One of my clients at (add)ventures was a Fortune 100 Healthcare company (whose name has been changed in these examples). This company owns a number of subsidiaries, one of which is an online service that brings together patients, nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists in one place to manage at-home Tube Feeding and Infusion Therapy. It also provides delivery, phone support, training videos and other resources. My role in this project required information architecture, user flows, and wireframes.

A non-disclosure agreement with (add)ventures prevents me from publishing their clients' names on my website until January 2002. However, I am allowed to describe those clients, as I've done in the preceding paragraphs, and I can point to publicly available lists of (add)ventures' clients. Those lists can be found in multiple places on the web, including HERE, and contain such clients as Timberland, CVS Health, Johnson & Wales University, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Titleist, Marriott, and many more.