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FederalReservePlaza.com is the property management website for the Federal Reserve building in Boston which also houses a number of other companies and organizations. In 2012, Property Management asked me to design a website that the tenants could use for news, notifications, hosting events, reserving rooms and resources, etc.

Scroll for a description of the UX process, a site map, userflow, wireframes, mockups and a prototype.

The process...


  • Website will be a directory for tenants to find various building services.
  • Target users are non-Federal Reserve Employees who lease space in the building.
  • Provide a list of Property Management contacts.
  • Allow tenants to check the availability of meeting and event spaces and reserve them.

We were given about five months to complete this project.

This project didn't require much competitive Analysis related to the UX but I reviewed many hotel and convention center websites, as the customer stated she wanted the site to feel like a hotel website.

Target users were tenants of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston building. I had three personas, reflecting target users and I created a number of user scenarios around them.

Content Audit and Information Architecture

There was a lot of information and content to address. I card sorted with members of the Building Services Department first and then with members of the team who weren't involved with content development.

Site Map
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Federal Reserve Plaza - David DeSouza UX


I sketched wireframes and then built them in Illustrator.

Federal Reserve Plaza - David DeSouza UX Federal Reserve Plaza - David DeSouza UX

Federal Reserve Plaza - David DeSouza UX


Once we had a reasonable IA and wireframes, prototypes were built in Balsamiq and HTML.
Click below to try out an early interactive prototype.
Federal Reserve Plaza - David DeSouza UX


Mockups were done in Photoshop.
Federal Reserve Plaza - David DeSouza UX

The site was tested on team members, interns and building tenants. It was modified and refined, based on the results.